"Informatica" is the science that provides for the automatic store and manage of informations. The word derives from two words: information and automatic.

what is an office automation suite?
Office automation: it is a set of programs that is used in offices and companies, for writing texts and letters (WRITER or WORD), for doing slide show (IMPRESS or POWERPOINT) and calculating (CALC or EXCEL) .
There are two suites of office automation: OPEN OFFICE (writer, calc, impress) and MICROSOFT OFFICE (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT).

what are version and revision of a software?
The version is the first number that changes every time the program changes in substantial way.
the revision is the second number that changes every time the program changes in small way.
For example word 7.3 7 is the version, 3 is the revision. Word 8.1 is better than word 7.3.

what is a browser? what do you know?
A browser is a software that allows to browse in web sites. The most famous browsers are EXPLORER, MOZILLA, GOOGLE CHROME. They are application software.

what kind of software do you know?
I know two types of software:
  • base software: this software is for the basic use of computer. It includes operating system (WINDOWS, LINUX, MC-OS..), utility (calculator, editor such as blocco note, wordpad, paint...), programming environment (programs to devolope others programs)
  • application software: this software is for solving specific problems (for example: ESATTO, WORD, POWERPOINT, WINZIP, EXPLORER)